Cookie Club | Cookie Collage Box

Everything Mrs. Chips has to offer in one divine box -- whether you’re looking for a perfect gift, blow your client’s mind or simply ensure your own cookie jar never goes empty, the Cookie Collage Box has something for everyone. Really!

Indulge in:

-8 Chocolate Chip Cookies: our signature flavor, crafted with our trademark creamiest vanilla dough, filled with rich, semi-sweet chocolate chips and topped with premium Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. It’s THE ultimate, elevated chocolate chip cookie experience.

-8 S’mores Cookies: semi-sweet chocolate, real marshmallows and graham crackers are enveloped in our luscious chocolate dough to form this new classic. Campfire optional!

-8 Rainbow Birthday Cookies: the biggest, best party in cookie form-- trademark creamiest vanilla dough + all natural rainbow sprinkles + edible glitter = a treat that’s as delicious as it is colorful.

Mrs. Chips Cookies are a touch crisp on the outside with a perfectly chewy center – each has a unique, decadent chewy brownie-like texture created with our creamy doughs.