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Quarterly Chocolate Chip Joy Box

Quarterly Chocolate Chip Joy Box

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Give someone the best Mail Day EVER, four times a year! The coolest thing about our cookies is how they taste, the second thing is that you can share that taste with someone else.  

We've created an effortless way to get FRESH cookies into your home or someone you know loves cookies too! I came up with this Quarterly cookie gift delivery idea when I heard the story of this guy who was the best man in his best friend's wedding and he wanted to give the gift of sweet moments throughout the year.  Our gorgeous box of 24 cookies arrives in style four times a year. 

What you'll get: 24 Chocolate Chip Cookies individually wrapped, our signature flavor, crafted with our trademark creamiest vanilla dough, filled with rich, semi-sweet chocolate chips and topped with premium Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. It’s THE ultimate, elevated chocolate chip cookie experience.


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