What makes the perfect cookie?

Kind of a silly question because it’s personal, right? Some people like small, dry, crunchy cookies.  Some people like big huge pancake cookies the size of their heads!

Over here at Mrs. Chips Cookies, we love nothing more than a rich, moist, seriously chewy cookie –like the one you’d make at home!  Our mission was simple—to take back the chocolate chip cookie and revive this classic to epic proportions. We’ve noticed that from the market to local bakery to chain coffee houses—it can be surprisingly hard to find an amazing cookie experience—one that makes you want to skip a meal and eat more cookies- do you know what we’re talking about?!

The cookies on shelves today tend to be on the dry side because less moisture buys shelf life.  Extremely dry cookies can stay on a shelf for a year and beyond - kind of gross. Our cookies are baked fresh and are ready to chomp the minute they arrive.  We also pride ourselves on using the very highest quality chocolate chips, not the fractional chip that you may find in other cookies, but a full size, semi-sweet chocolate chip with a high milkfat content.  The combination of these chips and our creamy unique vanilla dough keeps our cookies from tasting bitter, and adds to the unique taste that signifies a Mrs. Chips cookie . As if this weren’t enough—we top off our chocolate chip cookies with the highest quality sea salt—Maldon. So if you find yourself leaning more on the rich, moist, chewy cookie side of the spectrum—like 8 out of 10 of the cookie loving people out there —welcome to your new cookie paradise!